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            The competitive bidding (or competitive negotiations) requirements do not apply to  purchase of goods, services other than professional services, insurance or construction single or term contracts, the cost of which is in the aggregate or the sum of all phases is not expected to exceed $50,000 and that are not otherwise exempt from competitive sealed bidding or competitive negotiations.  Purchases under this exception that are expected to exceed $30,000 shall require the written informal solicitation of a minimum of four bidders or offerors.


The Buena Vista City School Board may purchase single or term contracts for professional services if the aggregate or sum of all phases is not expected to exceed $30,000 without undertaking competitive bidding by adopting written procedures for such purchases. However such small purchase procedures shall provide for competition wherever practicable.


            The acquisition of property or services, the estimated cost which is less than $30,000, may, at the discretion of the superintendent, or his/her designee, be on the basis of "Open Market" or informal bid procedures under which the requirement for an advertised invitation to bid need not be observed. Such purchases shall be in accordance with written procedures of the school division and shall provide for competition whenever practicable. Specific procedures for purchases under this section shall be published as an administrative regulation.


Emergency Contracts


            Whenever, because of an emergency which does not allow sufficient time to engage in normal bidding procedures, it is deemed necessary and in the public interest by the superintendent to enter into any contract without following the formal or informal bidding procedures required, he/she shall authorize such emergency contract. The superintendent shall make a full report concerning the emergency contract at the next scheduled School Board meeting.



Adopted:        04/26/04




Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 2.2-4303, 22.1-68, 22.1-78.



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