BBBD-R - School Board Member Orientation

File:  BBBD-R                           

 To promote the efficient operation of the Buena Vista City Public Schools, the school board should provide guidance to newly appointed/elected school board members on their role as a school board member.

 The superintendent should provide each newly elected/appointed school board member with the following information:

 A current division policy manual

The current division budget

Virginia school laws and state board of education regulations

Minutes of school board meetings for the past year

The Standards of Learning

An organizational chart of the division’s management structure

A list of the division’s facilities

The school board meeting schedule for the new year

Data on student enrollment

A copy of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act within two weeks of the election or appointment

 A meeting of the school board chair, the superintendent and the new school board members should be held for the purpose of answering questions and acquainting the members with the division.  New school board members should be encouraged to attend workshops for new school board members conducted by school board associations.

  Adopted:  May 19, 2003