BBA-R - Persons Declaring Candidacy for School Board Updated 3/17/11

File: BBA-R

                   Persons desiring to declare candidacy for the Buena Vista City School Board must qualify with the registrar of the City of Buena Vista.

 Number of Members – City Charter

             The School Board of the City of Buena Vista shall consist of seven members elected at large.

 Election of Members  - City Charter ORDINANCE 11-1 FEBRUARY 17, 2011

             Election of members shall be held to coincide with elections of the governing body.  The election will include three or four members every two years.

 Term of Office – City Charter

             Members shall be elected for regular terms of four years and shall qualify before the clerk of the court of the City of Buena Vista as a constitutional officer before January 1 of the year following the election.  Should a member be appointed by the school board to fill an unexpired term of another board member, the appointment shall be until the next special or the next general election.

             An elected member of the school board may serve for an unlimited number of four year terms.


Adopted:  May 19, 2003;  March 17, 2011