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            The School Board shall cooperate with approved colleges and universities in providing laboratory opportunities for student teaching.  The conditions and policies that shall pertain in governing the administration of the student teaching program in the Buena Vista City Schools are as follows:


1.         Teachers who serve as supervising teachers shall have a minimum of at least two years of teaching experience, one of these in the school to which the student teacher is assigned.


2.         All teachers who serve as supervising teachers shall be recommended by the principal of the school to the superintendent for approval.


3.         All supervising teachers shall take a course in supervision of student teaching as soon as possible to improve their competence as supervisors.


4.         A class shall have no more than one student teacher during the regular school session.  Only with the approval of the superintendent shall any class have a student teacher assigned to it for more than one semester.


5.         No supervising teacher shall have a student teacher assigned to him for more than one semester during the regular school session.  Any exception to this limitation must be approved by the superintendent.


6.         All administrative personnel and supervising teachers shall make certain that student teachers acquire the required number of teaching hours necessary for state certification.

7.         The first responsibility of the supervising teacher shall be the educational welfare of the students for whom he is responsible.


8.         Participation in teaching, planning of lessons as units, and involvement in school activities by the student teacher shall be under the supervision and administrative supervision of the principal and the supervising teachers. 


9.         The administrative and supervisory officers in the school division shall have complete authority to reject or to terminate any student teacher whose professional or ethical behavior has a negative effect on the ongoing instructional program or welfare of students.


10.       Information concerning students may be available to student teachers at the discretion of the supervising teacher and/or principal. In all cases, the student teachers shall respect the confidential nature of information provided.


11.       The structure and administration of the student teaching program in the school division shall be that of the superintendent or his/her designee, subject to the approval of the Board. 


Adopted:        08/23/04





Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, section 22.1-78


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