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             The School Board generally supports the educational endeavors of other institutions whose goals are compatible with those of the division.


            In its relationship to other educational institutions, the School Board will strive to stand as a partner and colleague in such ways as described below.


1.         Post high school institutions


            a.         Within its resources and according to abilities and efforts of each student, the school division will seek to prepare students for successful experiences in post high school institutions.


            b.         To the extent appropriate and applicable, the school division will seek to utilize the resources of post high school institutions for the development of its own staff.


            c.         The school division will cooperate with post high school institutions in selected areas of research and experimentation which have the potential to increase the effectiveness of teacher preparation or staff development and/or which directly improve the local instructional program.


2.         Other Institutions and Organizations


            a.         The school division will work cooperatively with other school divisions in selected programs when it is beneficial to do so.


            b.         The school division will assume appropriate responsibility for improving the climate for education, particularly with reference to expanding the fiscal base, providing for efficient expenditure of funds, and bringing about state or federal legislation which improves education or contributes to division goals.


3.         The school division will cooperate with professional educational organizations recognized by the division as important forces for the improvement of education.


4.         The school division will cooperate with institutions such as educational service units and regional laboratories when their programs are consistent with the goals of the division.


Adopted:          08/23/04



 Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, section 22.1-78.


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