KNB - Reports of Missing Children

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            The Buena Vista City Public School Division shall receive reports of the disappearance of any child living within the school division from local law enforcement pursuant to Va. Code § 52-31.1.


Upon notification by a local law-enforcement agency of a child's disappearance, the principal of the school in which the child was enrolled at the time of the disappearance shall indicate, by mark, in the child's cumulative record that the child has been reported as missing. Upon notification by law enforcement that the child is located, the principal shall remove the mark from the record.


Upon receiving a request from any school or person for copies of the cumulative records and birth certificate of any child who has been reported by a local law-enforcement agency to be missing, the school being requested to transfer the records shall immediately notify the law-enforcement agency that provided the report to the school of the child's disappearance of the location of the school or person requesting the cumulative records and birth certificate of the child, without alerting the requestor of such report.


For the purposes of this policy, a "mark" means an electronic or other indicator that (i) is readily apparent on the student's record and (ii) will immediately alert any school personnel that the record is that of a missing child.



Adopted:  9/27/07




 Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-288.1; 52-31.1.       



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