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            A complaint involving a particular school shall be handled within the school through the established channel of responsibility. If the complaint cannot be resolved at the level of the principal, it shall be referred to the superintendent or his/her designee. If the central office staff and complainant cannot reach a satisfactory solution, the matter may, at the School Board's discretion, be heard at a regular board meeting.


            Any parent, custodian, or legal guardian of a pupil attending the Buena Vista City public schools who is aggrieved by an action of the school board may, within thirty days after such action, petition the local circuit court to review the action of the school board. The court will sustain the action of the school board unless the board exceeded its authority, acted arbitrarily or capriciously, or abused its discretion.




 Adopted:  07/26/04; 08/24/06




Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1‑87, 22.1-253.13:7


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