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            Visitors are welcome in the schools as long as their presence is not disruptive.  Upon arriving at school, all visitors must report to the administrative office.   The school division expects mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct from all individuals on school property and at school events.  Unauthorized persons, including suspended and expelled students, will be requested to leave school grounds by the building administrator.


            Anyone, including students, who enters a school at nighttime without the consent of an authorized person except to attend an approved meeting or service or who enters or remains on any school property, including school buses, in violation of (i) any direction to vacate the property by an authorized individual or (ii) any posted notice which contains such information, posted at a place where it reasonably may be seen may be prosecuted.




            Parents are encouraged to visit the schools on scheduled days for conferences with teachers, assemblies, PTA meetings, and other school programs. Non-custodial parents shall not be denied, solely on the basis of their non-custodial status, the opportunity to participate in any of the student's school or day care activities in which such participation is supported or encouraged by the policies of the School Board.


Board Members


            Periodically, board members may visit schools within the division. The purpose of these visits will be to maintain contact with building employees and increase understanding of actual educational practices.



Adopted:        07/26/04; 06/26/08





Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 18.2‑128; 18.2-415, 22.1‑136.


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