KJ - Advertising in the Schools

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            Individual schools may not endorse or imply endorsement of any product. All requests for endorsement should be directed to the superintendent or his/her designee.


            In order to solicit advertisements from merchants and business establishments for school publications, school organizations must secure approval from the principal. If there is need for policy clarification, the principal shall consult with the superintendent.


            Commercial establishments whose primary source of revenue is the sale of intoxicants may not advertise in school publications.


            Neither the facilities, nor the staff, nor the students of any school may be used in any manner for advertising or otherwise promoting the interests of any commercial or other non-school organization.



 Adopted:       07/26/04; 04/24/08





Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, section 22.1-78.


Cross Ref.:            DJG        Vendor Relations

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