KG-R - School Facilities

File:  KG-R




            School facilities are defined as buildings, grounds and equipment for the various schools.  School facilities in Buena Vista are provided for the primary purpose of educating children and youth through the regular instructional program of the schools and such supplementary activities as may relate to a sound instructional program.  Secondary to this is the desire of the school board to use the public school facilities for the welfare and betterment of the community in general.  In order to achieve these two worthy goals, certain regulations governing the use of school facilities are necessary.  Authority and responsibility for the care of facilities and procedures for obtaining their use are clarified in this policy.  Charges and fees for the use of school facilities are not designed to limit or prohibit their use, but rather to prevent the expenditure of public money of purposes other than classroom instruction.  Regulations governing use of school facilities are enacted to project the public’s property and to promote safety of citizens using such facilities.


            In order that the public school facilities of Buena Vista will be of a max benefit to all children and youth and the community in general, the following policies, rules and regulations are enacted.


Responsibility for Supervision and care of School Facilities


            The principal of each individual school shall be directly responsible to the superintendent who is directly responsible to the school board for the supervision and care of school facilities.  Building maintenance personnel shall be directly responsible to the principal of each individual school.  All maintenance personnel shall be directly responsible to the director of maintenance who shall be responsible to the superintendent.


Responsibility for Opening and Closing School Buildings


            Building maintenance personnel of individual schools are personally responsible to see that buildings are opened, heated and/or ventilated, lighted, and otherwise ready for all scheduled activities.  Furthermore, they shall be responsible to see that all buildings are properly secured after the adjournment activity.  This regulation shall not be so construed to lessen the principal’s responsibility for seeing that the provisions of this regulation are observed.




            The principal shall report immediately any unusual circumstances regarding building, care and use of building, supplies, custodial and maintenance services, etc., to the director of maintenance.  The superintendent shall report major items of this nature to the school board.

Priority in Use of School Facilities


            The requirements of the regular school programs shall receive first consideration in the use of school facilities.  School related organizations, such as the Parent-Teacher Associations, shall have priority over non-school related organizations and approved child and youth groups over adult groups.


General Rules for The Use of School Facilities by Non-School Related Groups


1. Applications for use of school facilities shall be presented in writing to the principal at least two weeks in advance of the first desired use, stating the name of the group or organization requesting use of facilities, the purpose to be served by such use, the nature of the meeting or function, and the date and time of such meeting or function.  Provided that the principal can make satisfactory arrangements, the request may be approved and submitted to the superintendent for approval.  If there is doubt whether the request should be granted, the superintendent shall refer the request should be granted, the superintendent shall refer the request to the school board for its consideration.  Applications are available at each administrative office.


  1. The person signing the request for the organization shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons who attend or participate, and for reimbursement of any damages.  If necessary, the organization should also provide police and fire protection.


  1. No facility may be considered reserved and no publicity shall be given until the written request and fee are received by the principal and until a written permit has been issued.


  1. All uses must be in the interest of the community.  The use of the facilities should not be for private gain.  Secret or closed meetings shall not be allowed.  Meetings or organizations that advocate violence or overthrow of constitutional government shall not be allowed.


  1. Alcohol or illegal drugs will not be allowed on school property.  Use of tobacco will not be permitted inside school buildings.  Profanity will not be tolerated.  Violators of these two restrictions will be required to leave the school premises.  Any school employee present has the authority for enforcement of restrictions with police assistance if the situation becomes necessary.
  2. Only school furniture and equipment (no cotton batting, straw, flammable paper, dry leaves, trees or other flammable materials) will be used, unless approved by the principal.  Any rearrangement of school furniture and/or equipment must be done by the using organization and only after permission has been given by the principal.  All such furniture and/or equipment must be returned to its original location by the using access to or operation of lighting, cafeteria, and other mechanical equipment of the school.  Any group using these facilities will be responsible for these employees’ wages.


  1. The principal is responsible for the building and therefore should make sure that there is appropriate supervision while the facility is being used and that all fire regulations are enforced.


  1. The group or organization using the facilities shall accept responsibility for good order and, if necessary, provide for proper police and fire protection.


Charges for the Use of School Facilities by Non-School Related Groups


            To provide and to protect the Buena Vista School facilities in their use by the public a fee shall be charged.  When the facility is used at night or during a non-school day, the fees based on two hours of use (not to exceed 12:00 midnight) are:


Gymnasium               $30.00

Auditorium                 $25.00

Cafetoriums               $25.00

Athletic Fields           $35.00

Cafeterias                  $28.00


            After tow hours an hourly fee for custodial services will be added to meet the wage rate as set forth in the Fair Standards Act as amended.  (This will normally be at a rate of time and a half).


            Fees should be paid to the local school with a check made payable to the Buena Vista City Public Schools.  The school board will reimburse the custodian for his services.  This person will be responsible for cleaning the facility.


Charge for Use OF Facilities By School Related Groups


            No charge will be made for the use of school facilities by the City of Buena Vista, student organizations, recognized teacher or school personnel groups, or school related organizations such as Parent-Teacher Associations.

Use Of Facilities By Students


            After school hours, students are prohibited from using the building, including the gym, unless they are under the supervision of a teacher or sponsor.  Pupils are forbidden to use the shop without the express written consent of the shop instructor and without an adult present in the shop.


Use of Facilities on Sundays


            Permission for use of a facility by churches on a continuing basis can be given only for a three-month period.  A new request must be submitted giving evidence toward acquisition or construction of a church owned facility.  If this is done, permission may be granted for a second period of three months.


Use for Dances


            Dances shall be allowed only for children between the sixth and twelfth grades, inclusive, or for alumni if the dance is school sponsored.  No other adults will be allowed except school personnel or chaperones.  Names of guests who are not enrolled in the Buena Vista School System must be registered with the principal prior to the dance.  These guests will be checked against the list as they enter the building.