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            The Buena Vista City School Board recognizes the importance of protecting its students and employees from the transmission of communicable diseases which present a threat to their health and safety, while also protecting the legitimate interests and rights of students and employees with communicable diseases. In carrying out this responsibility, the Board directs the superintendent to act in compliance with applicable law to exclude from school attendance or work in the school setting any person who has a communicable disease. Both the decision to remove the student or employee and the decision to readmit the student or to permit the employee to return to work shall be made by the superintendent based upon consultation with the local health department, the student's or employee's physician, nurse practitioner, and/or other medical authorities. (See policy JHCCA).


            The identity of a student who has a communicable disease will be kept confidential and will be revealed only in accordance with state law. An alternative educational program should be made available to any student whose removal pursuant to this policy is expected to result in a prolonged absence from school or where otherwise required by law.


             Administrative procedures concerning the exclusion of employees and students with communicable diseases will be consistent with the requirements of law, including the policies of the Virginia Department of Education, and should reflect current medical knowledge and research.


Adopted:        06/27/05; 09/23/96





Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1‑271.3, 22.1‑272, 32.1-36.1, 54.1-2957.02.


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