JHC-R - Student Health

File:  JHC-R


                                                STUDENT HEALTH


Each principal shall test and record the sight and hearing of the students as required by state regulation.  The principal shall notify the parent or guardian when their child has a suspected deficiency.


Pregnant students shall notify their principal or counselor.  Pregnant students are encouraged to participate in the homebound program when their health and welfare become a problem.



All students shall be expected to carry a normal load of classroom work and to participate in classroom activities; however, a student whose health demands it, upon presentation of a physician’s certificate and with the consent of the superintendent or his representative may be permitted to carry less than a normal work load and restrict the activities to those recommended by the physician.



A student presenting a physician’s certificate shall be permitted to leave the classroom as often as the promotion of good health demands; otherwise, the teacher and the principal shall determine the desirability of allowing a student to leave the classroom.



The school board makes available through each local school a student accident and dental insurance program.  This insurance is voluntary on the part of the students and parents or guardians, and a nominal premium is to be paid by them.  However, all students participating in school sponsored activities and certain designated courses are required to have accidental insurance or have a note on file signed by the parent or guardian stating the adequate coverage is provided by the family.  In addition, students playing varsity football must have additional coverage or show that they have it in some other policy.