JHC - Student Health Services and Requirements (See Clerk for Update)

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Buena Vista City Schools shall comply with the Code of Virginia requirements in matters relating to health, physical examinations, and inoculations. Interpretation of such regulations shall be sought from the Buena Vista City Department of Health. (See policies JHCA and JHCB).


Contagious Disease


Students shall be excluded from school when suffering from contagious disease.  (See policy JHCC).


Treatment of Medical Emergencies


No treatment of injuries, except first aid, will be given in the schools. Exceptions are made to this policy only in cases of medical necessity. (See policy JHCD).


Rights of Students


The religious beliefs and constitutional rights of students shall be respected within constraints of legal requirements for health instruction, examination, and treatment.


Adopted:        09/23/96




Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1‑270, 22.1‑271.2, 22.1‑272, 22.1-273, 22.1-274.



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