JFCC-R Student Conduct on School Buses

            File:  JFCC-R


                            STUDENT CONDUCT ON SCHOOL BUSES


Regulations for School Bus Riders

Every bus rider must abide by these rules or the riding privileges or the right to attend school may be suspended:


  1. All riders shall remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop when unloading


  1. All riders shall keep head, hands and arms inside the bus


  1. Each rider shall remain in the seat assigned to him by the bus driver or principal


  1. Scuffling and fighting are prohibited; school insurance does not cover injuries sustained in these cases


  1. The use of profane or obscene language is forbidden


  1. Bus riders will not litter the bus with food or other debris


  1. Students shall reimburse the school board for any damage to the bus caused by the rider


  1. Pupils must be at the loading place at the scheduled time both morning and afternoon


  1.  Pupils shall follow the recommended procedure when crossing streets and roadways


  1. Pupils should inform the driver, if possible, when they will be absent from school


  1. Pupils shall cooperate with the driver at all times


The bus driver shall report any misconduct to the respective principals.


Parents shall be notified by the principal if misconduct of a student continues.  Principals will discipline pupils for misconduct on the bus in the same manner as classroom misbehavior.