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            Teachers shall have the initial authority to remove students from class for disruptive behavior.


            Criteria for Removal 


Prior to the removal of a student from class under this policy, the following criteria must be met:


                                   the student’s behavior is disruptive.


                                   removal of the student from the class is necessary to restore a learning environment free from interruptions and obstructions caused by the student’s behavior.


           teacher and/or administrative interventions have been attempted and failed to end the student’s disruptive behavior.


           notice of the student’s disruptive behavior and the opportunity to meet with the teacher and/or school administrators have been provided to the student’s parents as described below.


When all of the above criteria have been satisfied, teacher removal of a student from class shall be deemed appropriate.


            Requirements for Incident Reports


            No removal under this policy shall occur unless two prior written incident reports have been filed with school administrators.  Upon removal, the teacher shall file a “Student Removal Form” (attached) with school administrators and any other documentation to support the removal including, but not limited to the previous two incident reports.


            Procedures for Written Notification of Student and Parents


            The teacher shall provide copies of any incident report and Student Removal Form to the student and his or her parents and notify them of the opportunity to meet with the teacher and/or school administrators to discuss the behavior and the possible consequences if the behavior continues.  Such notice shall be provided within twenty-four hours of each incident.  The teacher shall document, in writing, his or her attempts to request and encourage the parents to meet with school administrators and/or the teacher.  Such notice and documentation shall be required for each incident report and student removal.





Guidelines for Alternative Assignment and Instruction of Removed Students


            The Principal shall determine the appropriate placement of the student.  The Principal has several options regarding the placement of a removed student including, but not limited to:


1.         Assigning the student to an alternative program.


2.         Assigning the student to another class.


3.         Sending the student to the Principal’s office or study hall.  If the Principal chooses this option, the teacher shall provide and evaluate appropriate make-up work for the student.


4.         Suspending or expelling the student.  If the Principal chooses this option, alternative instruction and assignment, if any, shall be provided according to School Board policy and in the case of students with disabilities, in accordance with federal law.


5.  Returning the student to class (see procedures below).


Procedure for the Student’s Return to Class


            The Principal shall determine, after consultation with the teacher, the duration of the student’s removal from class.  The Principal shall notify the teacher of the decision to return the student to class.  The following procedure shall apply if the teacher disagrees with the Principal’s decision to return a student to the class:


-           the teacher and principal shall discuss the teacher’s objection to returning the student to class and the principal’s reason for returning the student.


-          the teacher, after meeting with the Principal, may appeal the Principal’s decision to the Superintendent or designee within one school day.  The incident reports and removal form must accompany the appeal.  After discussion with the Principal and teacher or receiving their written comments, the decision of the Superintendent or designee shall be final.  The decision shall be made within forty-eight hours of the teacher’s appeal.  During the appeal process, the student shall not be returned to class and the Principal will determine an appropriate placement for the student.


Once the decision has been made to return the student to class, the teacher and Principal shall develop a plan to address future disruptive behavior.

Other Provisions


The Principal shall ensure that students removed from class under this policy continue to receive an education in accordance with School Board policies. 


Application of this policy to students with disabilities shall be consistent with federal and state law and regulations as well as School Board policy regarding students with disabilities.


            Teacher deficiencies in classroom management shall be addressed in teacher evaluations pursuant to Policy GCN.


            This policy does not limit or restrict the ability of School Division employees to apply other policies, regulations or laws for maintaining order in the classroom.


Adopted:        07/30/01





Legal Ref:             Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, § 22.1-276.2


Cross Refs:           GCN                       Evaluation of Professional Staff

                                JFC                         Student Conduct

                                JGDA                     Disciplining Students with Disabilities

                                JGD/JGE               Student Suspension/Expulsion



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