JED-R Absence and Tardiness

File:  JED-R


Absence and Tardiness


Illness of a student, illness at home which necessitates the student staying there, death in family or close friend, funerals, religious holidays, special parental permission for appointments, family business, etc., and emergencies are considered  examples of legitimate excuses for non-attendance or tardiness.  Upon returning to school the student shall present to the proper school official a note signed by the parent or guardian stating the date of absence or tardiness and the reason for the same.  The excuse shall be kept on file in the principal’s office.


If a parent desires to take a student out of school for a trip out of town, to transact family business, to interview for employment or college, or to keep a doctor’s appointment, a special prior permission form  from the school(s) shall be completed.  This form is submitted to the administration for review and approval.  With approval this absence is excused.


An unexcused absence is when the student is out of school without the knowledge of the parents or guardians and/or the approval of school authorities.  An unexcused absence results in a zero in each class for the period or day missed and possible suspension from school.




All cases of truancy shall be reported forthwith to the principal and truancy officer, and immediate steps shall be taken to remedy this misconduct on the part of the student.  (Any law enforcement officer may pick up any child considered to be truant and deliver the child to the appropriate school principal).


Persons inducing a student to be absent unlawfully from school shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor.


Leaving School


For the protection of the health, safety, welfare and parental rights, students shall not be permitted to leave school prior to dismissal time at the request or in the company of anyone other than a school employee or parent or guardian unless expressed permission of the parent or guardian is first secured.  No student shall be permitted to leave the school premises before the appointed hour of school closing except in cases of illness or for some emergency, or at the specific written or personal request of the parent or guardian, and then only with the consent of the principal.



Adopted:  September 1, 2005