JECB - Admission of Nonpublic Students for Part-time Employment

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            The Buena Vista City School Board acknowledges the provisions for equivalent instruction under Virginia law. The Board further observes that equivalent or "acceptable alternative" home or private school instruction is not the same as the education delivered in the public school system.


            The parents of students attending private school or being home schooled pursuant to Va. Code § 22.1-254.1 who wish to enroll their students on a part-time basis in the Buena Vista City Schools for participation in academic and/or extracurricular/club activities shall, along with the students, conform with the following provisions:


I.          Admission


            The parents shall identify their children as private school or home school students who desire part-time enrollment in academic courses of study. Students admitted under this policy shall be designated as part-time students. At the time of applying for admission, students shall designate the academic course(s) they want to attend and each extracurricular or club activity in which they wish to participate. Students enrolled on a part-time basis will be counted in the division’s average daily membership (ADM).  Part-time students who are either enrolled in a nonpublic school or are receiving home instruction pursuant to Va. Code § 22.1-254.1 and are enrolled in any mathematics, science, English, history, social science, career and technical education, fine arts, foreign language, health education or physical education course in the Buena Vista City public schools shall be counted in the division’s ADM on a pro rata basis.  Each such course enrollment by such students will be counted as 0.25 in the ADM.  However, no such nonpublic or home school student will be counted as more than one-half a student for purposes of such pro rata calculation.  The pro rata calculation will not include enrollments of such student in any other public school courses. 


II.         Enrollment


            Students must enroll in at least one academic class (high school) or one instructional unit (elementary/middle school) more than the requested course(s) and for each extracurricular or club activity in which they choose to participate. (Example: if the request is to enroll in one math class, the student must enroll in the math class plus one other class; and, if the student also requests one extracurricular/club activity, he or she must enroll in another class for a total of 3 classes.) If no activity participation is sought, a minimum of two classes must be attended. Students wishing to participate in an academic class shall have completed all prerequisite course work or the equivalent required of full-time public school students wishing to enroll in the course. If part-time enrollment causes total enrollment in a class or grade level to exceed the maximum allowed by state or local policy (e.g. resulting in the need to employ another teacher) admission will be denied.

Once enrolled, the student shall comply with behavioral, disciplinary, attendance and other rules applicable to all students, including rules governing the use of the division’s computer systems. If a student fails to comply, the school may withhold credit and/or terminate the student's participation in addition to taking any disciplinary action that would be taken against a full-time student for similar conduct.


III.       Activities


              Students wishing to participate in a Virginia High School League (VHSL) governed extracurricular or club activity shall satisfy the same or equivalent criteria for such activities that full-time students must satisfy, such as the VHSL “take five pass five” requirement. Students admitted under this policy shall participate in any try-out or selection process required of full-time students.


IV.       Transportation


            The parents of the children for whom part-time admission is sought shall be responsible for the transportation of the child to and from school, including any expenses incident thereto.


V.        Academic Credit


            Class ranking and grade-point-average shall not be computed for part-time private/home school students.



Adopted:  08/23/04, 11/30/06



Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, as amended, §§ 22.1-254.1; 22.1-253.13:2.C.


1973-74 Ops. Va. Att'y Gen. 305.


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