JEC-R2 - School Admission Non-resident Tuition






Application for enrollment in Buena Vista City Schools for non-resident students must be submitted to the Superintendent annually by May 15 for returning students and July 1 for new students.  The enrollment deadline for 2nd semester classes at the high school is December 1.   Tuition charges will be assessed for all non-resident students enrolling in the Buena Vista City School division.  This basic tuition charge will be determined by the School Board annually.


Additional tuition charges will be assessed for those students requiring educational services above and beyond the basic services.  These additional tuition charges will be determined by the Superintendent.  Tuition fees will be set and approved in writing by contract between the Buena Vista City School division and the parents/guardians of non-resident students prior to their enrollment in Buena Vista City Schools.  The cost of any additional services required after the start of the school years will be assessed and incorporated into an addendum to the initial contract.


Enrollment by non-resident students is contingent upon good behavior and the right to attend may be revoked at any time by the School Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent.  Enrollment is further contingent upon space availability.  There is no obligation for the School Board to provide the opportunity for continued enrollment in a subsequent year.



A nonrefundable deposit of $50 is due with the application.  Tuition payment is due by February 15th of the current school year.  An early payment incentive of $50 per student will be credited for payments received prior to October 1.  Payment in full is due by February 1.  Unpaid accounts may be subject to collections.