JC-R School Attendance Areas

File:  JC-R


                                        SCHOOL ATTENDANCE AREAS


School attendance areas for each school are established by the superintendent.  Students shall attend the school in the attendance area in which they reside and to which they are assigned, unless special permission is granted by the superintendent.


Changes in attendance areas will be determined by the superintendent upon recommendation of the principal based on the need to provide for the orderly administration of the schools, the competent instruction of the students, and the health, safety, best interests, and general welfare of all students.


Transfer of Students


A student changing residence during a school year to another attendance area within Buena Vista may be permitted to complete the year in the school which the student was originally assigned at the discretion of the parents, the principals, and the superintendent.


Any student of one school, provided the student does not change residence shall not be admitted to another school during the same scholastic year without expressed permission from the principals of the two schools and the approval of the superintendent.









Adopted:  September 1, 1995