IKFA - Locally Awarded Verified Credits

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The Buena Vista City School Board shall award verified credits toward a standard diploma in science and history/social sciences to students entering ninth grade for the first time in school year 2000-2001 or thereafter in accordance with this policy.          


No student may earn more than four locally awarded verified credits.


To be eligible to earn locally awarded verified credits, a student must:


·        enter the ninth grade for the first time in school year 2000-2001 or thereafter;

·        pass the high school course and not pass the related Standards of Learning test;

·        take the Standards of Learning test at least twice;

·        score within a 375-399 scale score range on any administration of the Standards of  Learning test; and

·        demonstrate achievement in the academic content through the following appeal   process.


            Appeal Process


            The Buena Vista City School Board shall appoint a review panel comprised of at least three educators.  Different panels may be appointed for individual schools or groups of schools.


            The local review panel will review information which provides evidence of the student’s achievement of adequate knowledge of the Standards of Learning content.  The panel will have discretion in determining the information it will consider.  That information may include, but is not limited to, results of classroom assignments, division wide exams, course grades, and additional academic assignments (e.g. papers, projects, essays or written questions) as the panel deems appropriate.


            Based on the evidence it reviews, the local review panel may:

·        award the verified credit;

·        deny the verified credit;

·        suggest participation in a remedial program and retesting; or

·        make additional academic assignments prior to determining whether to award the verified credit.


The decision of the local review panel will be final.





Adopted:  8/23/04; 11/30/06





Ó 10/06 VSBA

Legal Refs:           8 VAC 20-131-110.B.3.


Guidelines for Local School Boards to Award Verified Credits for the Standard Diploma to Transition Students (attachment to Virginia Department of Education Superintendent’s Memo No. 52 (Aug. 9, 2002)), as amended by the Board of Education October 25, 2006.