IICA-R - Fields Trips

File:  IICA-R




Field trips or excursions of students for the purpose of first hand observations are worthwhile supplements to regular classroom teaching and may be taken.  The following procedure is required:


Request form is filled out in quadruplicate three weeks in advance of the trip and submitted to the principal who approves or disapproves and forwards to the superintendent for approval or disapproval.


Parental approval is secured in writing to include emergency treatment.


Trip itinerary is sent to parents with approval requests.


Trip leaders and sponsoring organizations familiarize themselves with the legal responsibility in case of accident or personal injury.


All persons involved in the field should be completely informed concerning the trip prior to final arrangements being made.



A concise outline including specific arrangements for each trip should be given to the principal at least two weeks prior to the trip.


There should be at least one male and one female chaperon for each thirty students.


A full schedule of educational activities is a must.


There can be no relaxation of rules.  These rules and regulations must be reviewed with pupils and adult sponsors prior to the trip.  The highest standard of conduct is expected at all times.  Violations shall be dealt with by teacher and school administration.  Remembering that the school and community is being represented, the following points need to be stressed:


Dress – Appropriate attire is required of all students on the trip.


Alcoholic beverages and drugs – violators will be disciplined in accordance with school policy.


Profanity will not be tolerated

Destruction or defacing of property – students will be disciplined by the school and shall make restitution for damages


Courtesy shall be extended to all persons at all times.


Petty Larceny – Will result in restitution to the owner, possible court action and discipline by the school


Curfew hours – Shall be set by the field trip sponsor and observed by students on overnight trips


Room Visitation – There shall be no room visitation by members of the opposite sex on overnight field trips


Follow-up to all field trips should include:


Letters of appreciation and thanks within one week following the trip


Student communication and speaking engagements concerning the value of the trip


A complete report filed with the principal for evaluation






Adopted:  11/24/03