IIBEB-R1 - Policy on Internet Filtering

File:  IIBEB-R1




This policy outlines what will be allowed in the Buena Vista Public Schools for internet site access.  This policy states the types of internet sites that will be filtered, and the policy for opening sites that may be needed for research purposes.  The internet has become a tool for finding information on many subjects, which are beneficial to students and staff.  Also, there are many subjects which are not beneficial for students and staff and the Buena Vista City Public Schools cannot permit these sites to be visited.  These sites will be filtered for students and staff alike.  An iprism filtering device has been installed to the sites which are not beneficial or needed for students or staff.


Listed below are the types of sites and services that have been filtered from the internet system.

  1. Internet chat rooms
  2. Internet instant messaging services (i.e. AOL instant message service, MSN Messaging Service, ICQ, and Yahoo Messaging Service)
  3. Sites involving sexual content, or any type of sexual orientation
  4. Sites involving violent content, including those sites that may contain recipes or reference to any kind of home made bombs, weapons, or theories involving such subjects.
  5. Internet e-mail clients such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or any other Internet e-mail service.  The reason for this is due to the security issues that are involved with these services.  The services are also havens for e-mail carried viruses which can destroy vital software, and computer components in our school system.
  6. Sites involving any type of association with drugs, alcohol, or use of any illegal substances.
  7. Downloading of any program, pictures, or music will not be allowed without prior approval from the classroom teacher and technology director.


If there is a need to access sites for research purposes, there will be a form that can be completed by the instructor for the particular class.  The form includes the reasons that a questionable site needs to be accessed and the length of time the sites will be needed.  For this purpose, the filter will be lifted on the requested sites for the time specified.  If there is further need for a site, an additional form will need to be completed.  The site will be approved/disapproved for viewing by the signatures of the instructor, the school principal, and the technology director.


This policy is in affect with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, and the Buena Vista City Public School Board.


Adopted:  11/24/03