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            The primary function of a school's library media center is to implement, enrich and support the educational program of the school. The center provides a wide range of materials at various levels of sophistication with a diversity of appeal and the presentation of different points of view.


            To this end the School Board declares that the primary responsibilities of the library media center are:


1.         To provide materials that will stimulate the acquisition of factual knowledge and the development of literary appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards;


2.         To provide a source of information which when consulted may enable pupils to make informed judgments;


3.         To provide materials containing a wide range of views on issues so that students may develop the practice of critical reading and thinking;


4.         To provide materials representative of religious, ethnic and cultural groups and their contribution to the American heritage; and,


5.         To place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality in order to assure a comprehensive collection appropriate for the users of the library media center.



Adopted:        11/24/03






Legal Ref.:            8 VAC 20-131-190.



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