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            The School Board delegates the responsibility for the selection and use of supplemental materials to the individual schools. Selection and use shall be in accordance with policies and regulations of the State Board of Education. The same care shall be exercised in the selection of supplemental materials as in the selection of other types of instructional materials.


            Materials used by students under the guidance of teachers to extend, expand, and supplement basal materials constitute an integral part of the instructional program. Supplemental materials are those items which are used to assist the teaching and learning process and include such items as magazines, newspapers, charts, pictures, certain workbooks, kits, videos, film strips, and games. Materials selected for supplemental use must relate directly to the established objectives of the course or content area in which they are used.


            Teachers must carefully review materials prior to use and exercise a high degree of professional judgment in their selection and use of supplemental materials, to ensure that the use of such materials serves to both support and complement the basic educational objectives within the specific subject areas and classrooms.



Adopted:        11/24/03; 06/26/08




Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1-78, 22.1-238.


                                8 VAC 20-220-10 et seq.


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