IGDA-R Student Organizations

File:  IGDA-R





Student Activities

Classroom activities, however satisfying to the student, cannot take the place of activities associated with student organizations that may be needed to combine many groups and to bring together students enrolled in different grades and subjects into clubs, teams, or student committees.  Extra-curricula activities are considered secondary and supplementary to a student’s regular school work.  They are entered into voluntarily and do not carry credit toward graduation.  They take the form of special interest groups,, honor societies, athletic teams, and other extensions of classroom work.  All of these activities and organizations are designed to promote character building qualities or participation and leadership ability.  All student organizations and activities shall be under the direct supervision of the school and shall supplement the regular program of the school.  They must be evaluated periodically and so organized and administered that interruptions of regular classroom work are kept at a minimum.  Students shall not be permitted to engage in such organizations and activities to the detriment of their classroom work.


All athletic, band, forensic, debating, public speaking, reading, spelling and school publication activities shall be conducted in strict accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Virginia High School League.


Any activity, not on the regular school calendar, must have the sanction of the school board and the approval of the superintendent.  The high school’s extra-curricular activities and the time and place of such activities must have the approval of the local school board in accordance with the policy adopted by the State Board of Education.


Safety Patrols

Schools may organize safety patrols with the approval of the superintendent.  Safety patrols may instruct, direct, and control student traffic on streets near the school, on school buses, etc.  Members of such patrols shall have no authority over any person other than students.  Members of school safety patrols shall receive adequate instruction in their appropriate duties and procedures and shall at all times be under the supervision of an adult.



Adopted: 11/24/03