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            As special needs are determined, alternative programs may be established by the Board within existing schools or at separate sites that are within the jurisdiction of the Buena Vista City Schools.  No person of school age meeting the residency requirements of § 22.1-3 may be charged tuition for enrollment in an alternative program offered as a regional or division wide initiative by the School Board.


            Proposals for alternative school programs shall be developed by the superintendent or his/her designee and will be submitted to the Board for review and endorsement prior to implementation.  Proposals shall include:


1.         A statement of justification for the alternative program explaining how it will meet the special needs or expectations of the target population and the community;


2.         A plan which delineates the proposed organizational structure as it relates to staffing and the scope and structure of the total instructional program;


3.         A statement of financial impact identifying all costs, including administration, staffing, equipping, supplying, transportation, support services, and maintaining the program;


4.         A statement of related impact explaining how the proposed program will affect and interrelate with other programs and populations served in existing programs and facilities;


5.         A statement of authentication verifying that all aspects of the program are in compliance with all appropriate federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and there is compliance with all applicable accreditation requirements;


6.         If the proposal presents a potential conflict with existing regulations of the   State Department of Education, special evidence of authorization from the State Department of Education must accompany the proposal;


7.         A plan for evaluation that defines anticipated outcomes and establishes      criteria and procedures for evaluating achieved outcomes.


Adopted:        11/24/03



Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, section 22.1-253.13:1,

                                 8 VAC 20-30-10.

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