IGBA - Programs for Students with Disabilities

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             A child find program shall be established and designed to identify, locate and evaluate those children from birth to 21 inclusive who may have disabilities and may need special education and related services. The Board shall ensure that a free, appropriate public education will be available for all children and youth with disabilities, ages 2 through 21, who are residents of Buena Vista City.


            The School Board shall ensure that students with disabilities and their parents or guardians are guaranteed the appropriate procedural safeguards in the process of identification, evaluation, placement, and provision of an appropriate education program. To the maximum extent appropriate, students with disabilities will be educated with children who are not disabled. Prior to the identification, evaluation, placement, or provision of a free appropriate public education to a disabled student, a full explanation of all procedural safeguards shall be made available to parents. 


            An Individualized Education Program (IEP) shall be designed and maintained for each child eligible for special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  The program will be developed in a meeting with the child's teachers, parent(s), the student (when appropriate), a school division representative qualified to provide or supervise the provision of special education services and other individuals at the discretion of the parents or school division in accordance with State and federal law. This IEP shall be reviewed at least annually.


            The IEP shall be inclusive of areas specified by state and federal statutes and regulations.



Adopted:        11/24/03






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