IGAD-R - Career and Technical Education

File:  IGAD-R




Employment Counseling and Placement Services


Each school board shall make available to secondary students employment counseling and placement services to furnish information relating to the employment opportunities available to students graduating from or leaving the public schools in the school division.


No fee, compensation or other consideration shall be charged to, or received from, any student utilizing these services.


In providing such services, the school board shall consult and cooperate with the Virginia Employment Commission.


Career and Technical Education


The school board supports a regional and local program of career and technical education that meets the need of students desiring such programs and supports employment opportunities offered by the business and industrial community.  The concept of career education for all students is endorsed and a program of career and technical education shall be offered at the appropriate grade levels.


Employment of Students


Work experience can be a valuable supplement to regular classroom work and a necessary experience in the life of certain students; however, a student’s academic work should receive first priority on his time, energy and efforts.  Students, parents or guardians, and employers should cooperate with the school to the point of agreeing that a student who is employed part time or full time should be required to keep academic work up to an acceptable standard.


Work Permits


Work permits for students engaging in outside employment are issued at the secondary school office in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Virginia of Labor.


Career Education – Standards of Quality


The administration and faculty recognize that a goal of public education is to enable each student upon leaving school to continue a program of post secondary education and/or to enter the world of work.  TO meet this goal the school division offers guidance, academic and vocational preparation, and experiences infused into the school curricula which

should give each student an awareness and knowledge of career opportunities.  The students will be advised of the consequences and implications of leaving school without marketable skills.