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Right to Inspect Instructional Materials

            In addition to any other rights with respect to the inspection of instructional materials, the parent or guardian of a child enrolled or engaged in any research or experimentation program or project which is funded by the United States Department of Education shall be entitled to inspect all instructional materials which will be used in conjunction with such program or project.


Research and Informed Consent

            As used herein, the term "research or experimentation program or project" means any systematic investigation which departs from the application of established and accepted methods which are appropriate to meet the students' needs and may result in physical or psychological injury to the participants. The designation of any program or project as a research or experimentation program or project shall be made by the superintendent of schools.


Informed Consent

            No research shall be conducted or authorized unless the student's parents or legally authorized representative or emancipated student signs a student consent form and has it witnessed. The form shall comply with the Va. Code § 32.1-162.18.


            Any research involving students shall be approved and conducted under the review of a human research committee established by the school division.


            If the subjects cannot be identified and the research falls within the exemptions of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, the research is exempted from these requirements.


            Any complaints arising under this policy shall be submitted under Policies KL or KLB as appropriate.


Adopted: 11/24/03; 4/27/06




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