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            The curriculum shall meet or exceed the requirements of the Code of Virginia and regulations of the State Board of Education and shall be aligned to the Standards of Learning.  The curriculum is a means to achieve pupil learning.


            Curriculum development shall be a goal‑based process. The process encompasses,  (1) identification of division goals, (2) identification of program goals and student learning results, (3) curriculum evaluation, and (4) curriculum improvement.


            The purposes of the process are to:


1.         Respond to the division needs assessment.

2.         Define desired student learning results in each curriculum area.

3.         Evaluate the curriculum and its implementation.

4.         Provide for continuous curriculum improvement.

5.         Provide for continuous curriculum improvement.

6.         Provide for curriculum coordination within, between and across grade            levels.

7.         Determine how well individual students accomplish program goals and achieve expected learning results.


            The School Board expects the administration and faculty to evaluate the educational program and regularly to report findings and recommendations to the board.  These recommendations shall include modifications of desired learning results, division or program goals, new courses or course content, resources, materials, and learning experiences.


            Proposed curriculum and program changes shall be submitted, in writing, to the assistant superintendent for review with recommendations to the superintendent.


            The superintendent shall present new courses and new educational programs to the Board for action, as well as programs and courses that have extensive revisions or additions.


Adopted:        11/24/03; 06/26/08





Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1-78, 22.1-199 through


                                8 VAC 20-131-10 et seq.                                          © 5/02 VSBA  

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