GDB - Support Staff Employment Status

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            Support staff personnel shall be employed on a non-contract basis unless otherwise required by state law.


            The school division offers three types of employment to support staff personnel.


            Temporary employees shall be hired for short-term needs on a daily basis.  These employees shall accrue no benefits and be paid only for hours worked.


            Probationary employees shall be fully qualified new employees assigned to authorized positions on a month-to-month basis. These employees are eligible for salary increments and shall accrue sick leave benefits at the rate of one-day per working month.


            Regular employees shall have successfully completed the prescribed probationary period.  Regular employees shall be eligible for all employment benefits available under School Board policy. Such employees shall maintain regular employment status while serving a probationary period in a new position following a transfer to a new department or a promotion to a higher position.



Adopted:        1/27/03





Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, section 22.1-78



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