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Ownership of Materials


            The Board adopts the "work for hire doctrine," and shall have the copyright of all employees' work produced at the instance and expense of the Board and/or any of its administrative staff.


            Works authored by employees on their own time, without expense to the Board, and without instruction, direction, or control of the employees' superiors are the copyright of the employees.


Waiver and Assignment of Proprietary Rights


            Copyrights of the Board may be waived in favor of or assigned to the author by the Board upon application submitted to the Board through the superintendent.


            The Board authorizes the superintendent to review materials prepared by employees for whom the Board has no copyright, and to waive or assign all or part of any interest or proprietary rights therein which is alleged the Board may have, in favor of the employees producing such works.


            Any materials copyrighted under this section shall be made available to Buena Vista City Public Schools at no charge to the system.


*           Work made for hire is defined as materials prepared by an employee in connection with his or her job duties, and it includes instructional texts, tests, answer sheets, and materials specifically commissioned.


Adopted:        01/27/03





Legal Ref.:            Title 17, Code (P.L. 94-552, 10/19/76) (Copyright law), Code of Virginia, 1950,                                     as amended, section 22.1-78



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