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            The School Board shall enter into written contracts with professional staff, (teachers, assistant principals, principals, and supervisors) before such employees assume their duties.  Written contracts with those who are temporarily employed are not required. Contracts will be in the form prescribed by the State Board of Education, with special covenants added by the local School Board as appropriate. Contracts shall be signed in duplicate, with a copy furnished to each party.


             Coaching contracts and contracts for extra curricular activity sponsorship assignments where a monetary supplement is paid shall be separate and apart from the annual or continuing contract and termination of the contract shall not constitute cause for the termination of the annual or continuing contract.


             For purposes of this policy, "extracurricular activity sponsorship" means an assignment for which a monetary supplement is received requiring responsibility for any student organizations, clubs, or groups except those activities that are conducted in conjunction with regular classroom, curriculum, or instructional programs.


            Supervisors and principals shall be given contracts for ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12) months as determined by the School Board.


Adopted: 01/27/03; 08/24/06



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