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            The State Board of Education shall, by regulation, prescribe the requirements for certification of teachers and other school personnel. No teacher shall be regularly employed by a School Board or paid from public funds unless such teacher holds a local teacher license or a license or provisional license issued by the State Board of Education.  If a teacher employed under a provisional license is activated or deployed for military service within a school year (July1 – June 30), an additional year will be added to the teacher’s provisional license for each school year or portion thereof the teacher is activated or deployed.  The additional year or years shall be granted the following year or years after the return of the teacher from deployment or activation.  Requirements for classroom teachers, special education, career and technical education, guidance counselors, reading specialists, school psychologists, visiting teacher/social worker are stated in the Licensure Regulations for School Personnel adopted by the State Board of Education and in Policy GCA, Local Licenses for Teachers.


Adopted:        01/27/03; 06/26/08




Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1-298 and 22.1-299.


                                8 VAC 20-21-10 et seq.



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