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            The Buena Vista City School Board is committed to maintaining a Drug‑Free Workplace.


            Prohibited Conduct


            Employees may not unlawfully manufacture, distribute, dispense, or possess a controlled substance on school property, at any school activity, or on any school-sponsored trip. It is a condition of employment that each employee of the Buena Vista City School Board will not engage in such prohibited conduct and will notify the Buena Vista City School Board of any criminal drug conviction for a violation occurring in the work place no later than 5 days after such conviction.




            The superintendent and School Board will take appropriate personnel action up to and including dismissal of any employee found to have engaged in prohibited conduct listed above. Such personnel action will include the imposition of a sanction on, or the requiring of the satisfactory participation in drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program by, any employee who is convicted of a violation of any criminal drug statute.


            Distribution of Policy


            All employees shall be given a copy of this policy.


            Drug-Free Awareness Program


            The Buena Vista City School Board shall establish a drug-free awareness program to inform its employees about the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, the Board’s policy of maintaining a drug-free workplace, and available drug counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs, and the penalties that may be imposed upon employees for violations of laws and policies regarding drug abuse.


Adopted:       01/27/03




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