FG - Retirement of Facilities

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            Certain school division buildings become unsuitable for their present use, but may be used to benefit the school division or public in other ways. In determining which facility is to be retired, the School Board may consider the following of factors, among others:


1.         The adaptability of the building for continued use of its present purpose;


            2.         The suitability of the site of the building;


            3.         The maintenance and upkeep of the building costs; and,


4.         The historic value of the building to the community.


            The School Board shall invite the viewpoints of community residents and staff in making its decision to retire a school building.


            If the School Board determines to close a facility, it will first consider other uses that the school division might make of the building prior to considering relinquishing possession of the building.



Adopted:        06/23/97




Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1-129, 22.1-131, 22.1-135, 22.1-136.



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