FEA - Educational Facilities Specifications

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            To ensure that all new and remodeled facilities are designed to best implement the educational program, the superintendent will provide for the development of detailed educational specifications to apply to the design and construction of new buildings.  Educational specifications are detailed descriptions of:


            1.         All the activities that will take place in the building;

            2.         The curriculum to be housed in the building;

            3.         Specific architectural characteristics desired; and

            4.         The facilities needed their equipment requirements and their space relationship to other facility elements.


            When educational specifications are prepared, an introductory section will also be included which will be devoted to a brief description of the community and the educational philosophy of the division.  Consultants may be used in the development of educational specifications when deemed necessary by the superintendent and approved by the School Board.


Adopted:      08/26/96





Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1-138, 22.1-140.



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