EEA-R2 - Buses on Private Property





  EEAP-R2  Buses Traveling on Private Property


Traveling on Private Property for the Purpose of Loading and Unloading School Children


            When a request is presented to the Buena Vista City Public Schools’ Transportation Department for traveling on property (roads) not currently under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Department of Transportation or other municipality for the purpose of loading/unloading of school children, the request may be granted if the following conditions are met:


1.                  Road(s) meet(s) standards set forth by the Virginia Department of Transportation for road width, entrance, drainage, surface, etc.


2.                  All landowners agree in writing to hold harmless Buena Vista City Public Schools of damages and routine wear to roads and turn-a-rounds.


3.                  The landowner(s) have a written maintenance plan for the general upkeep of roads and turn-a-rounds.


4.                  A turn-a-round is provided to handle a 64 passenger bus requiring a turning radius of 44 and one half feet or an intersection which can accommodate a 264 inch wheel base bus.


5.                  The landowner(s) understand that the road(s) will not be traveled on in inclement weather unless the pavement (surface) is clear of snow/ice.


6.                  If the bus stop(s) on the proposed road(s) is determined to be a danger for the loading and unloading of children and/or endangers younger children living along the road(s), then bus services will be denied.


7.                  If for any other reason the Director of Transportation deems the road unsafe, he may suspend bus service until the condition is corrected and the road is again deemed safe.



Adopted:  September 24, 2009         






Buena Vista City Public Schools