EEA-R1 - Use of School Owned Vehicles



EEB-R Employee Use of School Owned Vehicles

Purpose of Regulation-to ensure safe and efficient use of school owned vehicles by school personnel

School employees, employees under contract (part time employees) are eligible to use a school vehicle (car/mini-van) provided they meet the following criteria:

·         Must have a valid Virginia Driver’s License

·         Must be at least 18 years of age

·         Must sign a consent for disclosure of driving record by Department of Motor Vehicles

·         A driving violation may result in loss of driving privileges of school owned vehicles following a review by the School Board. The review would be based on a recommendation from the Superintendent, and/or Director of Transportation.

Employees wishing to use a school vehicle should:

·         Request vehicle in advance using appropriate form (attached).

·         Complete requested form upon vehicle return notifying transportation department of any problems or maintenance issues

·         Use vehicle only for official school business


As per transportation guidelines, only employees and/or students may be transported in school vehicles.

Adopted September 24, 2009



Buena Vista City Public Schools