ECAB-R - Bomb Threats

File:  ECAB-R


                                                 BOMB THREATS


1.  Purpose

            To establish procedures for handling bomb threats


2.  Procedures

            The following procedures shall be followed whenever a telephoned bomb threat is received at a Buena Vista City Public School.


            WARNING:  Because detonating devices are activated by radio waves, use of two-way radios should be avoided within 300 feet of the building or suspected location of the explosive device.


            A.  Person receiving call:

            1.  Have someone else also listen to the call if possible.

            2.  Take notes for the police investigation.  Record caller’s exact words.

3.  Attempt to determine the caller’s gender, accent or other distinguishing speech characteristics.

4.  Listen for background noises that may help in identifying the location of the caller.

            5.  Ask for the following information:

                        A.  Time of detonation.

                        B.  Location of the explosive device.

                        C.  Type of explosive device.

                        D.  Physical appearance of the device.

                        E.  Reason device was placed at the school.

                        F.  Caller’s name.


6.  If your phone is direct service, attempt to identify the number form which the person is calling by the following procedure when the caller hangs up (this procedure will not work on some telephone systems):


A.  Hang up.  Immediately pick up the same phone and push the *(star) button followed by the numbers 5 and 7, then hang up the phone.  This will flag the calling number at the telephone exchange.  Note the exact time this is done.  The police will retrieve the information later.


B.  When police arrive, inform the investigating officer that you completed the above procedure and give him or her the number of the phone you received the call on and the time you performed the procedure.


            7.  Principal or Designee


                        1.  Ensure proper notifications are made.


2.  Decide if the building will be evacuated.  This decision should be made based on all available information.  The police will offer guidance, but the decision is the responsibility of the school official.


3.  If evacuation is necessary, conduct evacuation using fire drill procedures; nay requirement for prior notification to school security may be omitted.  Students should be evacuated to a location at least 300 feet from the building.


4.  If events warrant, request a building search.  The search should be supervised by police, but school personnel should provide any assistance requested.


Adopted:  3/22/04