EC-R - Maintenance Employee's

File:  EC-R




            This section refers to part-time, ten-month, eleven-month, and twelve-month maintenance personnel.


Procedure in applying for a position


            Prospective maintenance staff is hired by the superintendent in cooperation with the respective principal or supervisor.  All persons seeking application should:


1.  Furnish three personal references who can give an accurate account of the applicant’s character and abilities


            2.  Furnish a valid record of all previous work experience and training


3.  Arrange for an interview with the persons who will make recommendation for employment




            All maintenance staff members should be at least sixteen years old and of good moral character.  They should be neat, well-groomed and in good health


Job Description


Maintenance personnel shall:


1.  Be responsible for opening and closing the building each day, including securing all windows and doors and turning off lights excluding exit and safety lighting


            2.  Be responsible for keeping the building heated and ventilated properly


            3.  Sweep and dust offices and classrooms daily


4.  Clean corridors and steps at the end of each day and during the day if conditions require it


5.  Clean and disinfect toilet and locker room floors, urinals, toilet bowls and other fixtures daily


6.  Wash all windows inside and out at least once a year and windows as needed


7.  Be responsible for keeping snow and ice removed from all walkways and steps


8.  Be responsible for keeping the grounds neat and clean at all times and trim shrubs and grass as needed


9.  Perform other such maintenance duties as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor, principal, and/or superintendent


10.  Be on duty for activities after school hours when requested by the principal or assistant principal


11.  Make minor equipment and building repairs during winter months such as broken windows, pencil sharpeners, door locks and hinges, loose tile, broken desks, leads, light bulbs, leaking and stopped plumbing and minor vehicle repairs


12.  Conduct extensive cleaning, painting and repairing during summer months as outlined by supervisor, principal or superintendent of schools


13.  Be knowledgeable of the proper application, u sage and antedates of all chemicals and cleaning materials utilized in the duty assignment


14.  Update maintenance skills and knowledge through training that shall be an integral part of the assignment




            Maintenance employees are employed on recommendation of the immediate supervisor and/or principal to the superintendent subject to review by the school board.


Terms of Employment


            The standard work week will be forty (40) hours for the building maintenance staff.


            If lunch is eaten while on duty no additional time will be added to the work day as required by the Department of Labor regulations.  If lunch is eaten away from the premises, up to one hour will be allowed.  Individuals must punch out when leaving the premises and punch back in when returning.  ALWAYS PUNCH OUT WHEN LEAVING THE PREMISES EXCEPT ON SCHOOL BUSINESS AND PUNCH BACK IN WHEN RETURNING.  No one will be allowed to do this for another individual.


            Experience and observation indicated that ALL NORMAL BUILDING MAINTENANCE WORK can be performed by the present staff in the time indicated above.  Overtime pay will be allowed for extra duties as approved by the principal and/or superintendent.  Examples are:


1.  Auditorium, gym or some other portion of the building in use after regular hours


2.  Home basketball games or late returning of athletic teams after games at or away from home (A maintenance employee is always to be on hand when building is in use and is to lock up and to be the last person to leave).


3.  Extra work assigned over and above regular work load, such as cleaning up after P.T.A. fair, graduation, getting the gymnasium ready for game or for regular physical education class after late use the night before, etc.


            New employees are ineligible for benefits until 90 days after the beginning duties of employment unless approved by the superintendent.


Transfer of Maintenance Staff


Any maintenance employee may be transferred by the superintendent upon the recommendation of the principals and supervisors subject to review by the school board.





Adopted:  3/22/04