EA - Support Services

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            The School Board considers the non-instructional operations of the school division an important component of the educational process.  The support services, therefore, will be designed to compliment the instructional program.


            The School Board expects all support services to be consistent with and responsive to the goals and needs of the division.


            To fulfill this function, it is the intention of the School Board to:


1.         Ensure the proper operation and maintenance of school buildings, vehicles, equipment, and services;


            2.         Set high standards of safety;


            3.         Promote the health of pupils and staff;


            4.         Establish efficient procedures for the management of buildings and grounds, offices, vehicles, equipment, and supplies;


            5.         Establish an effective and economical maintenance program, including preventive maintenance of school property, vehicles, buildings, and equipment;


            6.         Establish efficient procedures for the management of the food service program.


Adopted:        03/22/04




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