DN - Disposal of Surplus Items

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            The school division shall apply trade-in allowances on equipment to be replaced against the purchase cost of the new equipment whenever possible.


            The school division may dispose of equipment having no trade-in value by informal bid, auction or pre-priced sale as appropriate to the public. If items are valued in excess of $500.00, formal authorization for negotiated sale or for putting the items to bid shall be obtained from the School Board.


            The bidder or purchaser shall certify whether he/she is an officer or employee of the division or a member of the immediate family of an officer or employee. Officers and employees of the school division, and members of their immediate families, may purchase surplus property from the school division only if the property is being sold at uniform prices available to the public or if the goods are sold for less than $500.00.


            If reasonable attempts through the bidding or direct sales process to dispose of the items are unsuccessful, then the superintendent is authorized to arrange for their disposal.  


            Obsolete educational technology hardware and software that is being replaced pursuant to Va. Code § 22.1-199.1(B)(4) may be donated to other school divisions, to students, as provided in Board of Education guidelines, and to preschool programs in the Commonwealth.


Adopted: 01/26/04; 06/27/06; 08/24/06




Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 2.2-3108.B.2, 2.2-3109.C.3, 2.2-3110.A.7, 22.1-68, 22.1-78, 22.1-79 (3), 22.1-129, 22.1-199.1(B) (4).


Guidelines for the Donation to Public School Students of Replaced Educational Hardware and Software by Local School Boards (Attachment A to Virginia Department of Education Superintendent’s Memo No. 197 (Oct. 20, 2000)).






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