DG - Custody and Disbursement of School Funds

File:  DG

            All public money, except  1)money generated by school activities, and classified "school activity fund (internal) accounts," 2)petty cash funds, and 3)accounts established for the purchase of instructional materials and office supplies,  must be deposited with the Buena Vista City treasurer, who shall be in charge of the receipts, custody and disbursement of School Board funds.  Checks must be drawn on the School Board account by the Buena Vista City treasurer, Buena Vista, Virginia.


            Disbursement of School Board funds shall be approved as provided in Policy DK Payment Procedures.


Adopted:        01/26/04; 04/24/08




Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1-78, 22.1-116, 22.1-117, 22.1-122.1


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