BDDF - Voting Method

File:  BDDF



            The official vote on all decisions that are unanimous shall be recorded in the official minutes. The minutes of the meeting shall reflect the method and result of all votes.  No votes shall be taken by secret or written ballot.


            In any case in which there shall be a tie vote of the School Board when all members are not present, the question shall be passed by until the next meeting when it shall again be voted upon even though all members are not present.  In complying with this procedure or in any case in which there is a tie vote when all the members of the School Board are present, the clerk shall record the vote and immediately notify the tie breaker, if any, to vote as provided in the Code of Virginia, 22.1-75.  If no tie breaker has been appointed as authorized by state law, any tie vote shall defeat the motion, resolution or issue voted upon.


            Adopted: 05/19/03; 09/28/06; 06/28/07




Legal Refs:           Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended