BDDE-R - Order of Business and Rules of Order

File:  BDDE-R



The recommended order of business at regular meetings of the School Board shall be as follows:


1.         Moment of Silence

 2.         Welcome of Visitors, Parents and Community Leaders

 3.         Approval of the Agenda (additions and deletions)

 4.         Consent Agenda

            A.  Approval of Minutes

            B.  Financial

                        a. Payment of the Bills

                        b.  Financial Report (Operational)

                        c.  School Nutrition Report

                        d.  Other Cumulative Reports

 5.         Old Business

 6.         New Business

 .         Informational Items

            A.  School Board Report

            B.  Superintendent’s Report

 7.         Average Daily Membership

 8.         Closed Session in accordance with State Law 2.1-344 (A) (1)

            A.  Motion Needed to go into Closed Session

            B.  Certification of Closed Session

 9.         Adjournment


The board shall observe Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised except as otherwise provided by these rules or by law.


Normally, agenda items with the exception of personnel matters and bonafide emergencies must be submitted one week in advance of the meeting to receive resolute action.


Adopted:  May 19, 2003