BDDA - Notification Of Board Meetings

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            The School Board shall give notice of the date, time, and location of its meetings by placing a notice in a prominent public location at which notices are regularly posted and in the central office of the School Board at least three working days prior to the meeting.  In addition, the School Board shall publish notice of its meetings by electronic means whenever feasible.  At least one copy of all agenda packets and other nonexempt materials furnished to members of the School Board shall be made available for public inspection at the same time the documents are furnished to School Board members.


            Notice of all School Board meetings shall be furnished directly to any person who requests such information. Requests to be notified on a continual basis shall be made at least once a year in writing and will include the requester’s name, address, zip code, daytime telephone number, electronic mail address, if available, and organization, if any.


            Notice, reasonable under the circumstance, of special or emergency meetings shall be given contemporaneously with the notice provided to members of the School Board.



Adopted:        05/19/03


Legal Ref.:            Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, section 2.2-3707.


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